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Healthcare Debate Email from my Senator


Here is an email I received from my Senator today:




In conversations with Coloradans across our state, many people have asked me exactly what reform means for you and your families. That’s exactly the right question to ask.


That’s why I wanted to make sure all Coloradans have the opportunity to understand exactly what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act means for you.


Put simply, this bill will provide more security and stability to Coloradans who have health insurance, and it will provide quality, affordable choices for thousands of those who don’t.


I want to make sure Coloradans have the facts, which is why I’m making it a priority to make them available to you on my website.


This weekend we took a significant step forward on enacting meaningful health care reform. This legislation will ban unfair insurance rules, reduce the debt, cover the uninsured, and most importantly, help families and small businesses afford their own health coverage, even through illnesses, unemployment and hard financial times. Coloradans have a right to expect that the health care system they’re counting on is stable, fair and affordable.


I strongly believe in transparency – click here to read the entire bill. And please click here to send me an electronic message or letter.


I hope to hear from you soon.



Michael F. Bennet


So I went to his site. He forgot to tell us that insurance rates will be going up. He forgot to tell us that the numbers are cooked, and that this bill really costs way more than advertised. He forgot to tell us that most people are not really going to be able to keep the coverage they have now… especially if you own a Health Savings Account.


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