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Bronze Plans are not “catastrophic” plans


An AP article out today tries to claim that the Supreme Court may have a misunderstanding about the healthcare law.  “During the recent oral arguments, some of the justices and the lawyers appearing before them seemed to be under the impression that the law does not allow most consumers to buy low-cost, stripped down insurance to satisfy its controversial coverage requirement.  In fact, the law provides for a cheaper ‘bronze’ plan….”


It is always interesting reading information when you know the writer doesn’t have a clue.  The bronze plans that will be available are not low-cost stripped down plans.  In fact, as many as half of our clients will be forced to upgrade to a richer, much more expensive plan when they are forced to purchase coverage that meats the government’s requirements for bronze designation.


This is particularly the case in the individual market.  When people are choosing their own plan, and paying with their own money, they often do choose a truly catastrophic plan.  $10,000 deductibles are not at all uncommon when people choose individual coverage, because they do want a low-cost plan.  Those plans, however, will be illegal if ObamaCare is ruled constitutional.


Bronze plans are rich plans, particularly for those of us who pay the premiums out of our own pockets.  As Michael Carvin, attorney for the National federation of Independent Business, said, “It’s not remotely catastrophic”.


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