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Government Propaganda


Propaganda is not always easy to recognize. If you are not real familiar with the subject, it could just look like good unbiased information.


According to Wikipedia, “Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.” A great example is the “fact sheet” put out today by the department of Health and Human Services at


Amazingly, most people still see the government as a source of unbiased information. This so called fact sheet announces new regulations for “grandfathered” health insurance plans. In it, they claim that the new regulations will provide “…stability and flexibility to insurers and businesses that offer insurance coverage as the nation transitions to a more competitive marketplace in 2014 where businesses and consumers will have more affordable choices through Exchanges.” (italics added)


After all, “affordable” is in the name of the law. However, the “facts” don’t quite line up. Every insurance company in the country is planning on rather large rate increases as a direct result of the provisions in this law.


Here’s another good one from this fact sheet: “In the short run, individuals whose plan changes and is no longer grandfathered will gain access to free preventive services, protections against restricted annual limits, and patient protections such as improved access to emergency rooms.”


Funny, they forgot to mention that if someone is in a plan that is no longer grandfathered, the rates will take a big jump.


At this point, we are recommending all our customers stay with their current coverage if it makes sense at all, since we expect non-grandfathered plans to be having large increases starting in September, when many of these new provisions take effect.


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