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How Doctors’ Associations Failed To Hold Down Obamacare

Doctors' AssociationsObamacare is said to be socialized health care. When it was passed into law in 2010, its purpose was to give the uninsured health care access that they have been denied due to extremely high costs. Obamacare, in a big way, favors big health insurance companies, the IRS, as well as in-network health care providers. But it remains a mystery why most doctors do not support it.


This mystery was solved during an event hosted by the National Doctors Tea Party or the NDTP. They rallied against Obamacare, trying to uphold the doctor-patient relationship which Obamacare is gradually eliminating. According to Dr. Adam Dorin, founder of America’s Medical Society and a certified anesthesiologist, the American Medical Association which is one of those consulted for the enactment of Obamacare, has less than a 15 percent affiliation of medical doctors. Most doctors and doctors’ associations have joined forces to hold down Obamacare, but to no avail.


When Dr. Adam Dorin went to the Megan Kelly show on Fox TV to try to educate people on the harsh provisions of Obamacare, the host of the show spent 90 seconds of his five-minute interview trying to embarrass their association. She did this by making it appear that his co-founder, Dr. Iverson, is being ridiculous for pointing to hypnosis as one of the means of the political candidates to influence voters. The article had nothing to do with Obamacare, and had nothing to do with their association. After the interview, Dr. Dorin knew that they were up against massive political and business giants.


Obamacare is now in effect, and repeal is close to impossible. Dr. Dorin and his association will continue personal patient preaching and teaching to get their message across. For now, and probably until November, the government’s ear is closed in regards to issues on Obamacare. But, this will not stop them from educating their patients regarding their health care options.


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