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How Obamacare Affects Your Health Care

Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was signed into law by President Obama, it has already created a lot of buzz. If you try to look it up in Google, you might be amazed to see how many news reports are created about it every day.  Even after the Supreme Court had decided to uphold the law, why is it that talk regarding Obamacare does not die down?  This is because the law can definitely affect how you’ll receive health care in the coming years.  The changes will be felt by all consumers – whether you’re a child, adult or senior.


  • Medicare

Under the health care reform law, health care providers treating Medicare patients will see a reduction in the amount of Medicare fees that they receive for the services they have rendered.  The budget cuts on health care providers’ fees will result in longer wait times and also fewer physicians accepting Medicare patients.


  • Higher Premiums

Since the health care reform law offers a lot of added health care benefits, this can increase the health insurance premiums that you pay.  This is because the more coverage you have the higher premiums insurance companies will charge you. Even if preventive care services are now covered with no out-of-pocket costs, insurance companies will increase premiums in order to cover their added expenditures.


  • Doctor Shortage

If payments to health care providers will be reduced, analysts predict that this will force doctors to quit or retire from their practice.  With millions of uninsured individuals expected to get health care by 2014, it is quite impossible to provide them health care services especially with the current number of doctors that we have in the country.


The problem of a doctor shortage dates even before Obamacare was made into law.  However, if budget cuts threaten the practice of health care providers, the problem of a doctor shortage will worsen.  When that happens, even if you have a health insurance plan, it won’t be a guarantee that you’ll get medical treatment.


These are only some of the changes to expect from the health care reform law.  The only way we’ll know the consequences brought about by the law is when Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014.  As of now, all we can do is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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