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Possible Vote on Healthcare Bill Tomorrow


The Congressional rush continues towards a reckless takeover of healthcare. Nancy Pelosi is hoping to schedule a vote for tomorrow at 6 pm. It is certain that she will get zero Republican votes, and uncertain whether she has the Democrat votes she needs.


Those who support this bill and claim to be for more competition, are really against allowing true competition by enabling people to choose the type of health coverage they want, and purchase across state lines.


Instead of legislation which encourages people to carry their own private health insurance coverage, this legislation further entrenches employer-sponsored health insurance – lessening individual choice, and leaving people tied to their employment.


Most importantly, instead of doing anything to cut costs and spending, this proposal will raise costs for all, and will create the need for another government solution in the near future. That solution, of course, will be the final step in a complete government takeover of healthcare.


If you get it, I’d suggest letting your Congressional representative know how you feel about it all, today. When you do, you may want to mention how important Health Savings Accounts are to keeping health insurance costs down – more important now than ever, as if this passes rates will be going up for all of us.


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