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Public Option, All Over Again


Well, we head to see this one coming.


128 Democratic representatives have cosponsored H.R. 5808 to establish a government run public option within the health insurance exchanges.


At this time it is unlikely for this bill to go anywhere. And the coming elections may bury its possibilities for quite a while. But the current and coming regulations on the health insurance industry will make health insurance more unpopular than ever. Expect large and larger rate increases as plans are required to cover more services, such as preventive care with no copay or deductible.


And unfortunately, they can expect declining levels of customer service. Due to minimum loss ratio requirements, there will be very little money available to pay for customer service people, and there will no doubt be many very frustrated clients. And, of course, there will be politicians ready to claim that this is another sign that private markets do not work, and that a government system is the only solution.


It is still not too late to start over. In fact, its what we have to do if we ever want the kind of health care system we deserve.


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