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Senate Debate, here we come


On Saturday, the Senate got 60 votes in order to clear a procedural huddle, and begin debate on the Senate reform bill, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Here’s what needs to happen before anything becomes law:


• First, the bill must pass through the Senate
• Then the House and Senate proposals must be reconciled
• Third, the reconciled bill must pass through the House
• Last, the reconciled bill must pas through the Senate


The CBO ranks the cost of this bill at a whopping $848 billion over 10 years. But as you would suspect, this is not really the true cost of the bill. The bill states that Medicare participating providers will get a 21% payment cut in 2011, which would then carry forward to subsequent years. Politics make this very unlikely to happen, and so you can add another $247 billion to the cost.


To pay for this bill, congress is pretending that they will cut $464 billion from Medicare spending. This, too, is politically unlikely, as Medicare is already struggling to keep participating providers.


The rest of the money will come from taxes on insurance companies (who will pass those cost on to customers), and wealthier Americans (raising the top tax bracket to 45%).


There are $25 billion in unfunded mandates for the state to pay.


As with the House bill, this one has meager penalties for those who don’t carry health insurance, which is the only way the proposed system for guaranteed issued coverage will work, without premiums going up. ($95 starting in 2014, eventually reaching $750).


It is likely the premiums will increase by at least 50%, on average. If the bill is not changed to allow plans like the current HSA-qualified plans held by millions of Americans, then premiums will also go up when people are forced to change to a more benefit-rich qualifying health insurance plan.


There are so many problems it is amazing to think that this bill has a chance of passing. There is nothing to control medical spending; premiums will increase; government debt will increase; the economy will suffer massively, and we will be taking the first steps towards a total government takeover of healthcare.


Debate in the Senate begins November 30.


Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. RJ Richards says:

    Corporation and businesses should not have to pay any income tax they played property taxed and employee wages tax we have OSHA to ensure the safety of every workplace and we have enough regulations to ensure the safety of our products and the food we consumed by the Federal government. I would agree employees employers of 50 employees a more provide some type of Health Care on an open and free market in all 50 states while mom and pop stores and restaurants or franchises maintain their own individual standards by the people for the people this way corporations can invest retool and market products to compete on the world economy as we bring in new investors and businesses at one time our country made with the world needs now our country consumed with the world makes China copy from us we can’t compete with their wages but we can compete with the Euro and the rest of the world we are either corporate America or socialists and welfare the socialists just like Health Care when you pay somebody to set home and watch TV and give them only $200 a month to live on how much of that stimulate the economy with 7% sales tax and then you ask them not to steal or do drugs or anything against the law to earn money so you have to give them the house with 47% Americans on some kind of subsidy we might all be in Russia . Lincoln freed the slaves and welfare is reverse slavery this is not a racial issue I know many a white Hispanics and immigrants all taken advantage of the American dream and the only true American is the American Indian the rest of us all immigrants and as far is minimum wage are government does have the right to ensure economic growth and when unemployment is high there is plenty of work to be done in all 50 states Parks road bridge is coastlines until businesses can get a footing on what new market demands. You can add or improve this any way you see fit ?

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