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Solutions Presented To Fix Healthcare

Fix HealthcareAccording to critics of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, it needs an alternative vision if it wants to fix the health care system of our country. Here are some of the ideas that they suggested:


  • Tax Fairness

Americans who choose to buy their own health insurance coverage usually end up paying unfair tax penalties. If the law would level out the playing field when it comes to paying taxes, it would make a big difference to individuals who purchase insurance coverage.


Employers usually get huge tax-exemptions if they get health care coverage for their employees. However, if you choose to buy your own health insurance plan, you wouldn’t get any tax relief. The higher your tax bracket, the higher the subsidy you get. We are simply giving more tax benefits to those who least need it.


They proposed an alternative to end unfair tax credits. They suggested that everyone should get a uniform, fix-dollar tax credit when buying health insurance regardless of their income tax bracket. For example, a tax credit of $2,000 per adult and $8,000 for a family of four.


  • Portable Health Insurance Plans

One of the main problems with employer-sponsored health insurance plans is that they are not portable. Meaning, if you leave your job, you also leave the health insurance plan provided by your employer. The problem here is when you develop a pre-existing condition during the transition from an employer-sponsored plan to an individual plan.


A pre-existing condition can be used as a reason by insurance companies to deny your application. They can even charge you hefty premiums or they would place exclusions on your plan. You have to wait until the health care reform law gets fully implemented by 2014 before insurers will give guaranteed acceptance.


  • Consumer Control

Consumer-directed health plans such as Health Savings Accounts are said to make consumers pro-active when it comes to their own healthcare because they have to pay for non-preventive services every year until they have met their plan’s deductible. HSA plans are portable and they make patients manage their own health care dollars. HSA plans that are paired with a high-deductible policy can reduce health care spending.


These proposals can help fix the health care crisis that all of us face today. Instead of placing patches on the systems that led to the problems, we need to look at new solutions to fix our health care system.


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