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The Affordable Care Act Is Driving Doctors Away

Affordable Care ActIf more and more doctors continue going part-time, retiring, or simply quitting medicine, this will really create a problem. Doctors are considered the captain of the ship when it comes to providing health care services to patients. Millions of people get sick every day and without doctors, who will provide them the health care that they need?


This is becoming a huge problem nowadays. According to the latest nationwide survey of 2,218 U.S. physicians, 34 percent said that they would stop practicing medicine after ten years. The reasons cited were the economic problems that the country is facing and the health care reform law. Fifty-six percent of physicians said that medical malpractice and the increasing overhead costs drove them to retire or quite medicine this year. However for the other 51 percent of doctors, they blamed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of President Obama as the reason why they are forced to leave their practice.


In a survey conducted by Jackson Healthcare, 16 percent of doctors this year are going part-time, retiring, quitting their practice or considering these options. Richard Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare, says that this current trend creates a problem in health care access especially for seniors turning age 65.


President Obama will be slashing $716 billion in Medicare over the next decade. Out of that budget, $415 billion will come from reducing Medicare reimbursement rates to hospitals, physicians, and nursing homes. The decrease in doctor fees is forcing doctors to stop accepting new Medicare patients. If this continues, millions of seniors will have difficulty getting access to needed health care services. People might have health care coverage but it would not matter if there are no doctors providing the health care services to sick people. The administration should realize that without doctors providing care to patients, their health care overhaul will not become a success.


3 thoughts on “The Affordable Care Act Is Driving Doctors Away”

  1. christie says:

    Blaming Obama and the new Healthcare Law is BULLS*&T! Just another way to get your hate filled right wing crap out to more people. Doctors have been leaving the medical field for YEARS because of the high cost of malpractice insurance and because insurance companies and Medicare won’t pay them the amount they want and bill. Please stop spreading hate.

  2. Wiley Long says:

    Our recommendation to seniors is to make sure you have a relationship established with a primary physician. Also, ask your physician what their career intentions are, and if they plan to continue to offer coverage to Medicare recipients. If they say “no,” then you should find a primary care physician now so you don’t end up on a waiting list.

  3. Jim McFadden says:

    Well Christie, I guess everyone has an opinion. Contrary to your belief, I am not spreading hate, just the facts. At least I can do it without using curse words.

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