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The Reason Why Obamacare Is Opposed By Some Congressional Leaders

ObamacareEver since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of President Obama was made into law, it has stirred opposition in Congress. Why is this so?  Perhaps, personal motivations are at play?  Politicians only looking out for themselves?  Tell me it ain’t so!

One of the reasons being pointed out by critics is that the health care reform law will limit Congress’ health insurance plans by January 1, 2014. Under the health care reform law, one of the mandates state that Congress and their staff can only get health insurance coverage through the state-based health insurance exchange. By 2014, the members of Congress and their staff will have to use the online marketplace instead of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program that they currently use, and as much as they play the “everyman” card, they do not seem eager to show it by getting the same health care as the rest of us.

The plans offered in the health insurance exchange will be standardized with bronze, silver, gold and platinum options. Each of these plan tiers will offer varying levels of benefits. Consumers only have to focus on the cost and quality of health care being offered by the company, as the essential offerings of each tier will be clearly mandated. So, with fairness and openness abounding,  why is Congress against using a healthcare system they passed into law?

If you guessed selfishness and self-interest (shocking from politicians, I know!), you guessed right. Congress is currently getting the best health care benefits available through a federal-sponsored health insurance plan,and they are in no hurry to give it up. I remember hearing something about what is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander, but apparently, that old adage does not work in reverse where Congress is concerned.  They passed the legislation, they shoved ObamaCare down our throats, and I say, they should have to eat it with the rest of us.


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