What’s in the New Healthcare Bill?

May 11th, 2017
  Last week Congress passed a bill to repeal Obamacare, called the American Health Care Act, and now it is the Senate's turn to craft a bill, so that it can be reconciled with Congress' bill. One of the core provisions of Obamacare is the "community rating" price controls, which charge all people in a zip code area that are the same age, the same amount, regardless of risk. This is what has caused premiums to skyrocket. There is no fundamental change to this rule, but the bill does | Continue reading this entry »

Life Insurance Made Easy

April 28th, 2017
We insure our cars and most individuals will even pay a monthly premium on cellular devices, but we often fail to include life insurance as one of our priorities.  When we’re young, we just don’t think that it’s necessary or in some instances, believe we can’t afford it. The reality is - we can’t predict our life spans. Have you thought about what would happen to your family financially if something happens to you? Getting a life insurance plan in place gives you that peace of mind | Continue reading this entry »

How to Retire Better: What You Can Do Right Now

March 29th, 2017
With medical costs skyrocketing, it is essential to save money for the rainy days as early as now. When things are going well for us, we shouldn’t just give ourselves high fives and sit back and relax.  We should be planning for the times when things will go wrong and we are feeling stressed. Not planning for retirement can be devastating to people later on in life. Here’s what you can do now to help you retire better. Health Savings Accounts One great step towards retirement is | Continue reading this entry »

New Thinking on the Road to Price Transparency

February 27th, 2017
I’ve been an advocate for price transparency in healthcare for as long as I can remember. Even then and until now, health insurance companies and healthcare policy experts have been proclaiming that it’s coming to a healthcare market near you. Implementing price transparency would seem to be the way to foster more of a free-market approach to healthcare, where consumers have the ability to make choices as to which doctor or facility will provide their healthcare, based on price and quality. | Continue reading this entry »

The Numbers Are Stunning: Healthshare Plans Are Booming

January 26th, 2017
According to a recent article published by U.S. News and World Report, faith-based healthshare plans are exploding in popularity. With around 200,000 people enrolled at the time the Affordable Care Act (the ACA, or Obamacare) was enacted in 2014, the number of people choosing this strategy as a way to cover healthcare costs was pretty small. But if you had bet that the advent of supposedly “AFFORDable” healthcare coverage would have sent those people running in droves for ACA coverage, you’d | Continue reading this entry »

Where Do We End Up If Obamacare Is Repealed?

December 29th, 2016
President Elect Donald Trump has back-pedaled a bit on his campaign promise to repeal Obamacare (what the Affordable Care Act is widely-known as), but Republicans are already making plans to change how the individual health insurance market works. Many players must come together to affect meaningful change, including the insurance industry, the federal government, and the insurance regulators in all 50 states. It’s looking like a monumental task, and while I’m not certain that every proposal | Continue reading this entry »

Why We Offer Faith-Based Plans

November 22nd, 2016
I’ve seen a lot in my 30 years in the health insurance industry. There’s no doubt that Obamacare (originally called the “Affordable Care Act”) has made it possible for people who previously couldn’t get coverage, either because they couldn’t afford it or because they didn’t qualify based on medical problems, to obtain health insurance coverage. But the implementation of that program has become a disaster of epic proportions, and a growing section of the population suffers more every | Continue reading this entry »

2 Great Alternatives to Obamacare

October 28th, 2016
You don’t have to read too far through this blog to realize that I’m no fan of Obamacare. With every passing year I find it more difficult to help my clients get into an affordable plan that ensures that their family will be protected against rising medical costs. This year is no exception. I’m seeing 40-50% monthly premium increases in some markets. That’s bad enough, but the competitive nature of the market, which is what has always allowed me to help clients when their premiums increase | Continue reading this entry »

2017 Open Enrollment for Smarties

September 19th, 2016
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was supposed to make healthcare more affordable for ALL Americans. And while it seems to have helped lower income people pay their monthly premiums by giving them subsidies, the people who don’t qualify for those subsidies are now suffering more than ever before. Why? Premiums are going up, up, up - just like President Obama said they wouldn’t - and competition in the marketplace is lessening, as health insurance companies are bailing from the market in droves, | Continue reading this entry »

How to Beat Obama at His Own Game with Faith-Based Plans

August 22nd, 2016
Faith-based plans set to provide viable alternative to the outrageous premiums of ACA plans The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought us skyrocketing premiums along with an individual health insurance marketplace that losers player (and subsequently, competition) with each passing day. Those of us who don’t qualify for a subsidy to help with monthly premiums suffer the most, with premiums that typically top $1,000 per month for a family of 4. But a little-known loophole in the ACA (or Obamacare | Continue reading this entry »