More Government Will Never Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

May 19th, 2016
broken-healthcare-system The Affordable Care Act, or the ACA as it is commonly abbreviated, was supposed to be the balm to all of our broken healthcare system wounds. Implemented in 2014, “Obamacare” was going to increase the number of people with health insurance, lower premiums by fostering competition between insurance companies, and increase coverage for benefits aimed at preventing illness. It turns out that while more people are in fact covered, many of them are covered because they now qualify for Medicaid, the | Continue reading this entry »

Is Obama Trying to Kill HSAs?

April 14th, 2016
kill-hsas Nearly 6 years after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (AKA the ”unAffordable Care Act,” AKA “the ACA”, AKA “Obamacare”), it appears that this administration is trying to get HSA-qualified plans off the state health insurance exchanges. New regulations published on March 8, whether intentionally or not, will effectively kill HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) on the state exchanges. It’s already a tough landscape for HSA-­qualified plans on the exchanges. Currently, there | Continue reading this entry »

You Can Thank President Obama for Your Higher Insurance Rates

March 16th, 2016
higher­insurance­rates Did you hear that the federal government’s Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for health insurance ended on January 31? If you did, you heard wrong, because the government recently extended the period of time you can sign up for health insurance, but only for a select few who haven’t yet filed their 2014 tax return. Wait, why are we rewarding people who don’t file their tax returns??? It’s a great question. The only people who qualify for this extended enrollment period (which closes at the | Continue reading this entry »

Obamacare Brings Higher Healthcare Spending, and Fewer Tangible Benefits

February 19th, 2016
higher healthcare spending Is it time to consider a new approach to healthcare? The first real information we’ve had regarding the costs and efficiencies of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare as many people refer to it) are in, and the patient is pretty sick. According to a study released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, healthcare spending increased 5.3% in 2014. That’s the first full year under the ACA. A recent New York Times article looked at individual health insurance plans in California, | Continue reading this entry »

Insurer Bailouts ­ Who’s Paying? You Are, Unfortunately

January 29th, 2016
insurer­bailouts Special provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allow insurance companies to recoup the losses associated with selling ACA-compliant policies, and the money comes from taxpayers like you and me. Last month Congress rejected a request from the Obama administration to fund a $2.5 billion dollar promise ­ it made to insurance companies as a provision of the ACA. One of the key pieces of this mammoth piece of legislation requires that the government bailout insurance companies for the losses they | Continue reading this entry »

No Health Insurance in Your Stocking?

December 30th, 2015
health-insurance-options Never fear, options are here! This time of year is incredibly hectic, and it can be downright stressful for many of us. The Obama administration didn’t do those of us who stress-out during the holidays any favors when they created the concept of the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated that the vast majority of health insurance plan purchases must occur between November 1 and January 31 every year.   (If you qualify for a Special | Continue reading this entry »

HANDS OFF! Three Reasons to Leave Your HSA Funds Alone Until Retirement

November 26th, 2015
hsa-funds-retirement HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) coupled with High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) - just alphabet soup, or a winning combination for ensuring your financial security? Definitely, the latter!   More and more Americans are signing up for HSAs, and the reasons for this are varied. First, HSAs are (by definition) tied to HDHPs, which have lower premiums than many of the options available to individuals in this post-Obamacare market. At HSA for America, my team and I talk to a lot of people | Continue reading this entry »

November 1 is the first day of Open Enrollment!

October 20th, 2015
open-enrollment Lots of us call it Obamacare, but officially it’s the Affordable Care Act, or the ACA. The jury is still out as to whether this massive piece of legislation will live up to its title. One thing’s for sure - it’s completely changed the American health insurance marketplace in lots of ways. The fact that Americans can’t actually buy health coverage any time they want, like we could before the ACA is easily the biggest change as a result of this law. Some people will qualify for Special | Continue reading this entry »

Soon You May Be Hitting the Gym With Your HSA Dollars

September 23rd, 2015
hit-the-gym-with-hsa-dollars Maybe you’ve got abs of steel, or maybe you’re a weekend warrior. On the other hand, perhaps your idea of a workout is having to get off the couch to find the remote. Regardless, there’s a new bill working its way through the House of Representatives that will make it easier for all of us to break a sweat.   Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have grown in popularity every year since their introduction to the marketplace over ten years ago. People like them because of their triple tax | Continue reading this entry »

Historic Same-Sex Marriage Ruling and the Impacts on Health Care

August 27th, 2015
same-sex-marriage-healthcare On July 14, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made the historic ruling that states could not prevent same-sex marriages. Celebrations immediately erupted across the country, but there are still lots of details to work out, including how healthcare will work for those in same-sex marriages and how you can pay less for health care.   Special Enrollment Period   When you get married, the benefit of switching over to a single plan that includes your spouse is that the marriage | Continue reading this entry »

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