HSA for America Offering Webinar to Help Consumers Optimize Insurance Enrollment Period

October 31st, 2014
HCR webinar HSA for America will host an interactive webinar on November 4, 2014 to inform the public of the best practices to avoid mistakes that could cost time and money when selecting a health care plan for 2015. HSA for America is expecting record enrollments for 2015 during this year’s Open Enrollment Period which will run November 15 through February 15.   The webinar will provide insight regarding the upcoming insurance enrollment period and explain how without the proper guidance and action, | Continue reading this entry »

Warning – Is Your Doctor Network Shrinking?

October 28th, 2014
narrow doctor network As a result of the Affordable Care Act, there has been a recent and growing trend where health insurance companies are now restricting which doctors and hospitals they make available to customers. This approach is being used to offset the ever-rising costs of healthcare, but can also benefit you in the way of lower premiums. But is it worth the risk?   With a narrow network, insurance carriers are typically able to negotiate lower contracted rates for services provided within a select | Continue reading this entry »

Understanding Premium Subsidies and How to Avoid Owing the IRS

October 14th, 2014
premium subsidies Learning how premium subsidies are calculated and reconciled is about as complicated as the entire United States tax code. Although the IRS doesn’t plan on aggressively recovering tax penalties assessed for not having insurance, the same does not apply if you owe the IRS for overpaid premium subsidies. Rest assured - they will be coming after you! So how can you avoid this dilemma?   Subsidies for 2014 are calculated based upon financial information you provide to the federal exchange | Continue reading this entry »

Why Missing the December 1 HSA Deadline Could Cost You Money

October 8th, 2014
december 1deadline If you’re looking for some huge tax savings for 2014, you only have a few months left to get in on the action!   In order to make a contribution to a health savings account (HSA) and claim it on your 2014 tax return, your HSA-qualified health plan must be in place no later than December 1, 2014. For those of you who already have a health savings account, you’ll want to be sure to maximize your contributions.   The maximum contribution limit for an individual for 2014 is | Continue reading this entry »

Why Allowing Your Health Plan to “Auto-renew” in 2015 Could Cost You Money

September 17th, 2014
health insurance From where I’m sitting, it’s looks like Obamacare could have another rough rollout come November 15, when open enrollment begins for 2015. One of the main questions I’ve been getting is, “do I have to renew my plan and reapply for my premium tax credit?” This is definitely a valid question - one that has even the White House up in arms.   The government originally planned on having less traffic to their website during open enrollment this coming year due to millions of Americans | Continue reading this entry »

Twenty-Six-Year-Olds Getting Kicked Out – Of Their Parents’ Health Plans!

September 11th, 2014
turning 26 If you have a grown child currently on your health plan, they can remain on your plan until they turn 26. Do you know their health insurance options after that?   First, check with your health insurance carrier for the exact date your dependent’s coverage will end. For some carriers, coverage ends on the actual birth date for others, it will extend through the birthday month. If your dependent wants to enroll in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, losing parent coverage when they turn | Continue reading this entry »

What is a Grandmothered Health Plan – and is Yours at Risk?

August 26th, 2014
grandmothered plans Move over grandpa, here’s comes grandma! As if you weren’t confused enough about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you now have a new term to add to your vocabulary - “grandmothered plans.” But what is a grandmothered plan, and if you have one of these plans, what does it mean?   What is a Grandmothered Plan?   If you had a health plan in place prior to passage of the ACA on March 23, 2010, your plan is considered a grandfathered plan - meaning you could keep your current | Continue reading this entry »

September 5th Deadline Looming: Have You Submitted Your Information to healthcare.gov?

August 19th, 2014
deadline approaching If you’re one of the millions of Americans who qualified for a premium tax credit, you must keep reading! Have you received a letter from healthcare.gov requesting additional information to verify your premium tax credit eligibility? If you haven’t responded, you only have a few weeks left. The deadline has officially been set. You have until September 5, 2014 to submit your documentation, or your health coverage will end on September 30, 2014 - now it’s time to get serious!   The | Continue reading this entry »

High Court Ruling On Legality of Federal Subsidies Could Shatter Obamacare Foundation

August 14th, 2014
high court ruling In a stunning move, a federal appeals court ruled against premium tax credits obtained by individuals with coverage through the federal exchange. Shoddy wording in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law has left the government open to lawsuits and interpretation by the courts.   According to the ACA, premium tax credits are to be granted for policies purchased through a “state exchange,” but no mention of premium tax credits being available for policies purchased through the “federal | Continue reading this entry »

Why You Don’t Have to Go Another Day Without Health Insurance

August 9th, 2014
The next open enrollment for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans doesn’t begin until November 15th. If you are without health insurance coverage now, there is a solution to get you covered as early as tomorrow. Instead of risking your health and finances by going without coverage until the next open enrollment period begins on November 15th, you can get solid, affordable short-term medical insurance right now.   Enrolling in a short-term health plan also buys you additional time to research | Continue reading this entry »