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3 Ways to Pay Less for Health Care

savingsOf course, people without health insurance risk higher medical bills and higher rates of premature death than those with coverage.  What’s more mysterious is that healthy people can pay more for health care just by remaining uninsured.  Here are three ways to fight the high cost of health care.

1. Use the Strength-in-numbers Strategy

People with insurance have a pseudo form of union.  Insurance companies don’t actually negotiate for them:  they bargain to keep their own costs low and the benefit trickles down to their customers.  It’s people who try to go it alone that end up paying the highest prices for health care.  When you have health insurance, you receive a PPO discount on your bill, even the parts that you pay toward your deductible.  Our instant quotes, which are available in less than a minute, give you a read-out with the lowest-premium options first, and a guarantee that you’re seeing policies from companies with the highest financial soundness on record.

2. Use Professional Negotiators

What if you have a medical bill for more than $200 already?  Don’t be intimidated to bargain for a reduced price.  Professional negotiators are good at getting a lower price for services already rendered because they know what others are paying for the same health care.  Do some research, and don’t be afraid to ask.

Our members also take advantage of the Bill Negotiation Service we offer.  Professional negotiators see if they can get your bill reduced, and you pocket the savings.  The negotiators don’t charge a fee, they keep part of what they get taken off your bill – nothing more.

You can find more information about getting your medical bills negotiated for free, at www.HSAforAmerica.com/member-benefits-bill-review.htm.  You normally would keep 65 percent of the savings, but HSA for America got a better deal for our clients.  They can keep 70 percent of the bill reduction.

3. Use Public Records of Health-care Prices

The secrecy that has taken medical pricing out of the competitive market has been shattered – if you know where to look. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just outed charges for 100 hospital services.  They recorded bills from more than 3,000 hospitals, some of which show discrepancies to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. You can find that patient guide at https://www.cms.gov/Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/Statistics-Trends-and-Reports/Medicare-Provider-Charge-Data/index.html.

And, you can compare health care prices around the country online at www.healthcarebluebook.com.  It’s a free way to check rates for doctor services, hospital care, medical tests, surgical procedures, and more.

There are additional ways you can reduce your annual health care expenses, but these three ideas are a great start!

  1. Even minimal coverage gives you access to pre-negotiated prices
  2. No-cost professional negotiators can reduce your medical bills
  3. Public price comparisons show where to find fair prices.

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