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ACA Linked to Delayed Marriage Unions

How Health Care Reform Affects Married CouplesAffordable Care Act Impacts Divorce Rate

           When should we set the date? How large of a wedding should we have?

           Will we be married in a church? Where shall we live after we say ‘I do’?

These are all normal questions that couples of all ages ponder as they journey toward their marriage union. Smart couples also investigate other relationship factors including: finances, roles and insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act has made this process a bit more complicated than it used to be. It turns out that the new law creates a financial incentive for some to stay single. Some couples are now wondering if postponing their vows (or avoiding them altogether) is a better option.

No couple wants to decide between health care coverage and marriage. However, thanks to the ACA, that’s currently what many couples across America are facing.

Today, real folks are working to make heads or tails out of Obamacare. For individuals who have faced a layoff, lost retirement savings, or are just trying to survive in the current economic environment, the ACA seems like a dream come true. At the end of the day, most Americans are simply trying to provide a secure, healthy and blissful life for their loved ones. However, Obamacare isn’t helping to meet these needs.

What’s the Problem?

Experts are now viewing the Affordable Care Act as taxation on marriage. Sadly, many approaching the altar are finding out that it would be more cost-effective to remain single. This is a rather large consequence of the new health care reform bill.

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