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2 Great Alternatives to Obamacare

2 Great Alternatives to Obamacare

You don’t have to read too far through this blog to realize that I’m no fan of Obamacare. With every passing year I find it more difficult to help my clients get into an affordable plan that ensures that their family will be protected against rising medical costs.

This year is no exception. I’m seeing 40-50% monthly premium increases in some markets. That’s bad enough, but the competitive nature of the market, which is what has always allowed me to help clients when their premiums increase or coverage changes, is evaporating. Carriers are abandoning this business in droves in order to focus on more profitable lines. And who loses? You do.

So I’m kind of tickled this year to be able to help my clients and prospects two ways to save money.

Faith-based Health Care Sharing Plans

This isn’t anything new, but back about 20 years ago religious organizations started quietly putting together groups of people who were interested in a non-traditional approach to paying medical bills. When the ACA was passed, these groups were allowed to remain. Many of them have thrived, mainly because they accept only people in essentially good health, so the assets of the larger group haven’t dwindled from paying out claims.

But they do pay – the members just agree to share medical costs of members when they arise. And guess what? They’re doing it for about half the monthly cost of an Obamacare plan. And membership in one of these groups allows you to legally forego Obamacare and its yearly penalty.

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Minimum Essential Coverage

We all know by now that Obamacare has a bunch of specific requirements for what a health insurance plan has to cover. That’s just one of the many reasons why these plans cost so much. So Aliera HealthCare has created the HealthPass and HealthPass Premium plans, which provide only the coverage that’s mandated by the ACA. You’ll still need to carry a hospitalization plan, as well as a plan to pay for accidents and serious illnesses, but even with those additional plans you’ll cut your monthly premium costs in half over what an Obamacare plan would cost you.

Want specifics? An Aliera plan for a family of four will run you $329 per month – regardless of where you live, or your health status. Add on hospitalization and critical illness coverage, and it will cost you $270.39 per month. All three together will run you less than $600 per month, and for most people that’s substantially less than what they’re paying right now for Obamacare

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