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Did You Know You Can Pay Half of Your Medical Bill if You Use a Negotiator?

hospital billHow many times have you been treated by a doctor or hospital, and then waited to get the statement that tells you what your “patient responsibility” is after your health insurance carrier has paid their portion?

If you’re like most of us, you probably bite the bullet and pay the balance due, not knowing that you have the ability to easily reduce the dollar amount significantly.

The popularity of Medical Bill Negotiation is gathering steam among consumers (both insured and uninsured) who are more interested in fair and transparent health care prices. We no longer have to take medical bills at face value.

How it Works

The beauty of having a medical negotiating service is that you don’t have to do much more than sign up and submit your medical bills online. Any bill over $200 is eligible for review and negotiation.

After you sign up, you can submit your medical bills for review with a convenient online form. A professional negotiator (usually with approximately 20 years’ of experience) will work with your provider and secure your discount. Only the information needed to complete the price negotiation is accessed. Your privacy is always paramount.

You’ll receive secure emails keeping you informed of each step in the process until a resolution is reached. Average discounts range from 15 – 65% in about 65% of the bills handled. The negotiator handling your bill will be professional, respectful and seasoned in the art of price reduction.

It’s Easy To Get Started And It Costs Nothing To Sign Up.

Just gather your medical bills, create your account online and enter your information. There is no charge for setting up your account and you can submit medical bills for any family member. You have nothing to lose with bill negotiation services. You’ll pay a small percentage of what you get in discounts, but pay nothing if your bill is not reduced.

Success Stories And Smaller Sums

I’m always harping about the importance of price transparency in health care. But I want to take it one step further and remind you that you don’t have to take huge medical bills lying down either. So I’ve added one of the most effective bill negotiation services to our roster of money-saving additional benefits.

The feedback we’re getting from customers using My Medical Negotiator are really quite astounding. I’m not talking about stressful conflict or back-and-forth disputes and denials here.

What I am recommending is that you read the outcome of everyday people like you and me, who don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy in fighting for lower numbers in the “Amount Owed” portion of your provider statement.

Elective Surgery That Could Have Cost Joe $5K+

Joe’s elective surgery was performed by his network physician with the total charges adding up to $13,936.70. Once his insurance carrier paid their share for covered benefits, Joe was left with an outstanding balance of $5,173.03.   Joe’s enrollment in our service worked quickly to get his share reduced by $1,400.00 – a much less painful outcome!

Mary’s Dad Goes to the E.R.

A routine slip-and-fall sent Mary’s father to the emergency room. The doctors there recommended he have an X-ray, CAT scan and stitches. When you’re in pain like Mary’s dad, you don’t always take the time to question just how much the bill is going to hurt afterward!   Even though Mary’s dad was without health insurance at the time of his fall, he had already enrolled in our bill negotiation service. The hospital changed his bill from $3,634.03 to just $1,453.61.

Anesthesia Costs Can Hurt

Robert’s surgery included a bill for anesthesia resulting in a total bill of $4,488.00. Robert had good health insurance and was responsible for $448.00 after his policy paid their share. Most people simply pay the balance, but Robert’s bill negotiator got him 25% off the balance due.

And then there’s Fred…

HSA for America’s insurance expert, Fred Adams, is also a bill negotiation customer. An endorsement of our own additional benefit product to be sure, but also a personal story we share with you. Fred’s son needed emergency medical attention recently, but our bill negotiator let them both walk away only paying half of what they expected (even after paying the small negotiation fee).  Read more about Fred’s story and sign up today!


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