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Software Glitch Rattles Covered California Enrollment Website

software glitchFollowing a five-day blackout of the Covered California enrollment website, many Californians will have some extra work to do this week in order to get enrolled for coverage with an April 1 effective date.

According to The LA Times, a software glitch apparently occurred following a maintenance outage and affected many applications. Californians who partially completed their application or made changes to their application between February 17 and February 19 were the ones affected and will have to complete their application again or resubmit their changes. Approximately 14,500 applications were affected.

An additional 16,000 applications were affected for individuals who were noted to qualify for Med-Cal, or Medicaid through the state of California. Covered California will be contacting all applicants to resolve these issues.

Can Obamacare Recover?

This glitch comes during a tumultuous open enrollment period for Obamacare. The LA Times report was released around the same time The Washington Post released their blog of Harry Reid claiming all “horror stories” about Obamacare are not true. Harry Reid stated, “All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.”

Unfortunately, all the horror stories are not untrue. People really have lost coverage, lost access to their doctors, lost access to affordable prescription drugs, and more. But perhaps the least-told story is the tremendous rate increase—what in effect simply amounts to a new tax—that has been imposed on millions of middle-class families who do not qualify for premium subsidies. Most are now, or will soon be paying thousands of dollars more every year.

Obamacare continues to struggle amidst the dark clouds surrounding it. These recent events likely won’t bode well for the Obama administration. What are your thoughts on the struggles going on in California and the rest of the country, or about Harry Reid’s comments?


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