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Helping You Make Sense of Your HSA Options

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Finding the right HSA administrator is NOT an easy task; you need to take into account everything from their philosophy, to the way they treat their employees, to the way their employees treat you, to their annual fees. You also need to consider their availability – like how and when they choose to take your calls – as well as their experience and overall knowledge level.

There is so much to consider when making the switch from a traditional health insurance plan to a health savings account – it can become so frustrating, in fact, that many individuals throw up their hands in defeat and “just randomly pick one.” You really want to avoid doing this, though, as the HSA you end up choosing can truly make or break you.

I understand how frustrating and confusing the process of finding the RIGHT HSA administrator can be. Yet I also understand how important this decision is to you, your health, your family, your family’s health and your bank account. This is why I’ve made it my mission to break down the complex process for you and help you find the HSA administrator that is right for you.

The moment you are in touch with one of my experienced and dedicated team members (or myself), we will take you under our wing and begin to lay the foundation for what we anticipate will be a lifelong relationship – or partnership, if you will. We will lay out the facts for you on each HSA provider; we’ll tell you which administrator treats its employees the best, which is the easiest to work with, which has the fairest pricing, which has the best arsenal of information, which provides the best financial security, and finally, why all of this matters to you. We’ll equip you with the right knowledge – the kind of knowledge that will allow you to make a decision that you and your family will benefit from the most. And we’ll do all of this for free.

But our guidance doesn’t stop once we’ve helped you initially – no, we will be here to answer any questions you have, by phone or via email, the moment you need answers. We will never keep you waiting, or require that you “call back during business hours.” If you don’t reach us, leave a message, and your Personal Advisor will get back to you as soon as possible – first thing in the morning at the latest. At HSA for America, our mission is to put the human element back into customer service.

To qualify for a tax deduction this coming April 15th, you must have an HSA-qualified health insurance plan in force no later than December 1. Give us a call before December 1 and we can begin to figure out how to best assist you and your family for the 2013 tax season, and the tax seasons to come. Visit us online.


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