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Last Week To Get Health Insurance – How and Why You Should Sign Up Now!

Feb 15 Open Enrollment DeadlineThe annual open enrollment period ends on February 15 – and the United States government currently estimates that nearly 6 million households will be required to pay a penalty for not obtaining health insurance in 2014. These penalties, which will increase this year from 2014, are high. In 2015, an individual will be fined whichever is greater – $325 per adult or 2 percent of their applicable income. If an individual has children, the flat dollar amount they have to pay per child is half that amount, or $162.50.

Not only is it expensive to risk going without health insurance in terms of taxes, but the risk you take in incurring potentially high medical bills also great. It’s impossible to anticipate what your future health may be, regardless of what conditions you do or do not have now. This, of course, applies to your family members as well. There are several benefits to obtaining health insurance, and many of them are financial – avoiding tax penalties and high medical bills. For all of these reasons, it’s absolutely essential that you sign-up for a health plan right away!

The Medical Benefits of being Covered

All plans under Obamacare now offer preventive care benefits – These are no-cost benefits and you can see a comprehensive list here. The benefit of taking advantage of preventive care is the ability to keep you – and every member of your household – healthy and active for years to come. Furthermore, all plans under Obama care also over premium subsidies to those who fall below 400% of the federal poverty level and need assistance paying their health insurance premiums.

Of course, the biggest benefit of all – is feeling relaxed knowing that you and your family are covered under a health insurance plan that best fits the needs of you and your family. This can easily be done by visiting our website to obtain a free quote, and then signing up right online. You can also talk to one of our Personal Advisors who can guide you to the best plan, but you must act now, because appointment slots are virtually all taken.

Remember, Sunday is the last day you will be able to get an HSA-qualified plan in 2015. Time is running out – don’t put you and your family’s health at risk. Ensure that 2015 and beyond will be a healthy, active and happy year with money in your pocket! Visit HSA for America and get signed up today.


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