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HSA for America Merges with Subsidiaries Expanding Client Health Insurance Resources

Fort Collins, CO August 2013 – HSA for America is merging with five subsidiaries:  eAZHealthinsurance, eFLHealthinsurance, eGAHealthinsurance, eINHealthinsurance and eTXHealthinsurance.  HSA for America offers both traditional health insurance and policies that allow holders to start a health savings account (HSA).  That makes it possible to merge with subsidiary companies with no interruption in customer service or existing policies.


The merger also expands access to HSA for America resources for clients of the subsidiaries. At http://www.HSAforAmerica.com/member-benefits.htm, a variety of resources to help save on health care is available ranging from discounts on lab tests and prescriptions to negotiation assistance that can reduce existing medical bills.


In addition to traditional health insurance options from leading insurers, HSA for America specializes in tax-advantaged plans.  That includes health savings accounts that enable taxpayers to claim deductions without having to spend at least 10 percent of annual income on medical costs.  Many expenses that are not covered by insurance, from dental care to the cost of “alternative medicine,” can be used to reduce taxable income.


People may also claim a deduction for health savings account deposits not needed for health care.  That money can grow with untaxed earnings like traditional retirement accounts funds, but it is accessible prior to age 59 and a half.


HSA for America offers some of the most comprehensive and understandable information on health savings accounts available at http://www.HSAforAmerica.com/hsa-info.htm.  The company helps to compare HSA administrators to maximize savings and minimize fees.  It also provides instant quotes on all types of health insurance at http://www.HSAforAmerica.com.


For business owners and those who are self-employed and married, HSA for America also offers a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).  An HRA allows business owners to reimburse employees for health insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses as a tax-free fringe benefit.


HSA for America agents expect increases in premiums next year will push people to purchase Bronze-level health insurance policies.  This level of coverage includes policies that offer HSA tax benefits.  Business owners can combine those benefits with HRAs for the maximum savings possible. In addition to HSA and HRA options, HSA for America can help clients with tax credits beginning in October.  HSA for America advisors provide free assistance to compare health insurance options and invite the public to call in during live Q&A webinars about how insurance companies are handling health care reform.  Free registration is available for August webinars at http://www.HSAforAmerica.com/teleseminar.htm.


About HSA for America:

HSA for America believes in removing the complexity and confusion surrounding today’s health-care system. They have taken steps to ensure their clients get the best coverage possible and are aware of all available money-saving options.

Wiley Long, founder and CEO, has made it his mission to make sense out of current and future changes in health care.  At HSA for America, personal advisors offer clear direction on which options can provide value and tax-saving tips.  They have also designed a simple application process.  Free instant quotes are available at http://www.HSAforAmerica.com or by calling 1-866-749-2039.


2 thoughts on “HSA for America Merges with Subsidiaries Expanding Client Health Insurance Resources”

  1. LEE SEWARD says:

    I am in the supplemental benefit business. Several providers in my niche talk a lot about their supplemental products (accident, hospital indemnity, critical illness) as being “HSA Compliant.” Clearly these programs can help offset higher deductibles, but I am a bit confused about what would make these products compliant or non compliant. The premiums for these products is not a qualified expense, so what am I missing about this issue of compliance?

  2. Wiley Long says:

    Hi Lee,

    For a health insurance plan to be HSA-qualified, it must meet certain qualifications, including a minimum deductible that must be met before coverage for non-preventive services kicks in. If you sold a plan that, say, covered doctor visits prior to someone reaching the deductible on their HSA-qualified plan, your product would not be considered “HSA compliant”.

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