HSA for America shares extra savings as My Medical Bill Negotiator Celebrates Seventh Anniversary Healthshare

7th Anniversary Celebrated with 7 days of Extra Savings Each Month in 2014

7 anniversary cupcakeIn acknowledging the seventh anniversary of our friends at My Medical Negotiator, we invite you to join in our celebration and save!  HSA for America partners with My Medical Negotiator to help you save on any medical bill over $200.

My Medical Negotiator will be reducing their service fee by 7% for each successful bill-reduction negotiation for seven days out of every month in 2014 – that’s more money in your pocket!

Any bill submitted between April 22nd and April 28th that is successfully negotiated will be rewarded with this 7% service fee reduction. Sign up now and submit your bill no later than April 28 to maximize your healthcare savings – there’s no cost to you to sign up!

Read more about this invaluable service and start cutting your medical bills today.

Wiley Long is President of HSA for America, and a passionate advocate for consumer-based solutions that will improve price transparency and lower health insurance and medical costs for people purchasing individual and family health insurance plans.

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