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Obamacare Is an Epic Disaster

Health care reform worst law passed by 113th CongressThere have been some dumb laws passed over the course of America’s 237-year history. For example, did you know that at one point it was illegal to wear a fake mustache in church for fear that it would cause laughter? And don’t even think about putting an ice-cream cone in your back pocket if you’re strolling through the state of Alabama. Oh, and if you’re a woman driving the streets of California, please take off your housecoat first!

Yes, the people in power seem to enjoy passing stupid laws, but a law even more stupid than the ones listed above was actually passed in contemporary times, by our very own Congress. The 113th Congress—widely thought to be the worst in history—has passed plenty of senseless laws (two laws were actually devoted to renaming things, such as a tax code and a bridge…woo-hoo!), but I would have to say that the Affordable Care Act is the worst, dumbest, most senseless and ultimately DANGEROUS law passed by any Congress in generations. As one reporter said, the ACA is a “crash-and-burn…on a truly epic scale.”

Read on to see why many believe Obamacare to be an “ongoing disaster with no end in sight.” http://www.storyleak.com/obamacare-ongoing-disaster-end-sight/


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