If it’s so affordable, why are two thirds of Americans thinking of NOT signing up for healthcare come January 1? — Healthshare

If it’s so affordable, why are two thirds of Americans thinking of NOT signing up for healthcare come January 1?

Quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans!” “More access to health insurance – [more] Americans who have healthcare!” “Additional health services to rural America!

Because of the certainty that claims such as these held – and because they were made with such conviction – it’s hard to imagine anyone NOT wanting to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act; but it’s beginning to look like that’s exactly what will happen, and much more often than anyone could have anticipated. In fact, of the Americans that currently lack health insurance, nearly two-thirds of them claim that they are not yet sure if they will be buying health insurance come the January 1 deadline or not. Two-thirds!

If that’s not a big enough blow to the Obama Administration, less than half believe they’ll actually receive better coverage under Obamacare, and nearly 50% believe that receiving the care and medication they need will actually become more difficult. To top it all off, a whopping 68% of low-income Americans – the Americans that the Affordable Care Act originally targeted – aren’t sure if they’ll qualify for the tax credits that would subsidize their purchase of health insurance and therefore, won’t sign up. It is this population that will most likely benefit from the government subsidies under the healthcare reform. Subsequently, this could (and it looks like it will) end up driving up the costs of health insurance because not enough healthy people will participate in the program to offset the benefits payouts.

However, while this may have been a shock to some – and especially to the Administration – more than 60% of Americans claim to have seen this coming, and that they feared Obamacare would do the exact opposite of making healthcare affordable—that it would inevitably lead to increased healthcare costs. While these 60% may have been labeled “critical” and “pessimistic” just a few short months ago, it’s beginning to look as if they’re the only ones who stayed grounded in reality, and that the other 40% should have taken some notes.

Read on to see why two-thirds of newly eligible Americans are thinking of passing up an opportunity at “affordable” healthcare at http://www.cnbc.com/id/100783056.


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