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Need Extra Enrollment Time? Start Your Application Before March 31

March 31 extensionHSA for America predicted a huge turnout in enrollment during the last two weeks of the Obamacare open enrollment period, and our predictions were correct. We have been bombarded this week with applicants trying to apply for coverage before the March 31 deadline.

While we’ve been taking care of our clients, things haven’t been going so smoothly on the government websites. Bogged down websites and processing delays are apparently preventing applicants from completing the application process. Therefore, the Obama administration has announced a subtle extension to the March 31 deadline.

If you have attempted to complete your federal exchange application by March 31 but have been unable to do so, you’ll be able to click a button attesting to this. You’ll then be given a special enrollment period extension to complete your application no later than mid-April. Some state marketplaces are following suit in giving applicants extra time to apply including California and Colorado.

So if you have not at least started the application process, contact us to do so today. Once the enrollment period ends, you won’t be able to get health coverage until the next open enrollment period in the fall unless you qualify for a special enrollment period. We’ll keep you posted as updates come in regarding the open enrollment period.


2 thoughts on “Need Extra Enrollment Time? Start Your Application Before March 31”

  1. James Corn says:

    While there is an added time to sign up; it shouldn’t be put off. Procrastination in life is one thing, procrastination in getting signed up for health insurance can cost you lots of dollars when you get suddenly ill and realize you forgot to sign up.

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