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Health Care Exchange Enrollees Susceptible to Identity Theft

Exchange navigators exempt from background checks, fingerprintingIn an attempt to help people enroll in the new state health insurance exchanges, the government introduced what have become known as “navigators.”

In the beginning, navigators were only supposed to be responsible for educating the public, raising awareness, expediting enrollment, and distributing impartial information, but their roles were expanded recently to include the collection of private data from the consumer. That data includes your first and last names, medical records, tax information, bank account information and social security number.

When lawmakers first introduced the navigators, it was written that in order to become a navigator, individuals were required to show proof of federal training, a clean background check and documentation of citizenship. Even with all of these criteria to meet, navigators still wouldn’t be allowed access to consumers’ information.

However—and you might find this ironic—now that navigators will be collecting your information, they are no longer required to undergo a background check or fingerprinting, proof of citizenship is not necessary, and training has been reduced to just 20 hours—20 hours to understand all 1,200 pages of the Affordable Care Act! And these are the people in charge of collecting the very information that proves you are who you say you are.

So why did the government allow the HHS to push forward with a plan that is so obviously a breach of privacy? Because the ACA is behind schedule and the government needs to begin enrolling Americans on the exchanges as quickly as possible for Obamacare to actually be worth even a fraction of the cost spent on it.

At HSA for America, we understand that you want great coverage at a good price, but whatever prices you might find on the exchange are not worth the price of your identity. You can trust us to use your information strictly for the purpose of finding you great health coverage at a great price—and hopefully to save you some money as well. That’s it.

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