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Obamacare an Attempt at Wealth Redistribution

Wealth Redistribution Under Obama’s LegislationA college economics professor is lecturing on the redistribution of wealth, and to his surprise, his students are for it. He doesn’t want to tell them what to believe—after all, it’s not his place to preach politics—but he does want them to truly grasp the repercussions of a society in which everyone is equal not because of free will, but because the government makes it so. So he says okay, let’s try a little experiment…

The professor proposes that all grades in the class will be averaged—that way no one will get an A, but then again, no one will get an F either. On the first test, everyone gets a B. The kids who actually studied and worked hard were upset. Those who slacked off were, as you can imagine, jubilant.

When the second test rolled around, those who slacked off the first time were even less motivated to study—after all, why study when they could ride on the coattails of the studiers? Those who did study the first time around decided that if the slackers were riding on their coattails, they could ride on the coattails of their other peers; they still studied, but very little. On that second test, everyone averaged a D.

By the third test, almost everyone decided that they didn’t want to work—after all, no one else was. A few hardworking, optimistic individuals decided that they would continue to try, and hoped that their classmates would see the error in their ways and try this time around, too. However, there were very few of these individuals, and the whole class received an F on the last test.

The professor explained why this was: People are driven by rewards. The rule of thumb is, “The harder it is to succeed, the greater the reward.” However, when the government takes away the reward, there is no motivation to succeed, and everyone eventually stops trying.

Think of health care as a reward for individuals who work hard. With the implementation of Obamacare, health care is one less thing that lower-class and non-working individuals have to work for, and one more thing that higher-class and hardworking individuals have to pay for.

Read on to see why Obamacare is the epitome of wealth redistribution: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/09/obamacare_the_latest_and_greatest_bastardization_of_the_constitution.html


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