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Open Enrollment is Ending! Will You Be Ready?

DeadlineOpen enrollment, we hardly knew ye! It seems like yesterday that the country waited with bated breath for the launch of the Obamacare websites (a.k.a. Affordable Care Act open enrollment).

A multitude of glitches, cancellations, reinstatements, exemptions, extensions and 20-plus executive orders later, and here we are at the final days of the roller coaster known as Obamacare open enrollment. Approximately 5 million people have enrolled so far. The rest have less than a week to do so.

If you’ve successfully enrolled in an ACA-approved plan, congratulations! If you are still mulling over your options, it’s not too late. Open enrollment for 2014 coverage ends on March 31. After that date, you’ll have to wait until November 15 of this year to get ACA-qualified coverage for 2015.

I want to remind you that if you or someone you know is still without coverage, we’re happy to help you change that! (We, too, have a phone and a pen!) Just give us a quick call.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments and stories about your Obamacare enrollment experiences so far…


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