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10 Services NOT Covered By Your Health Insurance

For many Americans, health insurance oftentimes feels like a joke—a mirage of sorts, in that affordable health care is always just out of reach. That’s not to say that the people who feel this way don’t have coverage, but just that, for the prices they’re paying, the services covered are quite limited. There are a surprisingly large number of medical costs not covered by health insurance—and they generally come at a high price to consumers.

According to HealthPocket’s analysis of 11,365 health plans, there are an outstanding number of services that a vast majority of insurance companies are unwilling to pay for. The top ten were:

·      Adult dental services, with 81% excluding it

·      Children’s eyeglasses, with 87% excluding it

·      Weight loss surgery, with 90% excluding it

·      Children’s dental checkup, with 92% excluding it

·      Acupuncture, with 92% excluding it

·      Private nursing, with 92% excluding it

·      Weight loss programs, with 93% excluding it

·      Infertility treatments, with 94% excluding it

·      Cosmetic surgery, with 98% excluding it

·      Long-term care, with 98% excluding it

Other common services that didn’t quite make the Top 10 list are:

·      Hearing aids, with 77% excluding it

·      Routine foot care, with 73% excluding it

·      Hospital delivery, with 67% excluding it

·      Adult eye exams, with 66% excluding it

·      Prenatal and postnatal care, with 64% excluding it.

However, health care doesn’t have to be expensive. If you sign up for a Health Savings Account, you can cover those costs not normally covered by traditional health insurance policies and get a tax deduction while you’re at it. However, in order to qualify for the tax benefits of an HSA, you must enroll by December 1 and make your first contribution of $3,250 by April 15, 2014.

However, if you just need to find an insurance plan that works best for you, and that covers all of your possible wants and needs, we can help you do that, too. To learn more about what we offer, visit our information page on our website.


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