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Privacy at Risk with Obamacare Exchanges

Health care exchanges are anything but secure Obamacare’s websites, like most accounts you create these days, require that you enter your name, address, birthdate and Social Security number upon registration. When you put all of your personal information into the technological mess that is an Obamacare exchange website, you would expect that the information be protected with the same degree of security as your bank account—or even your Amazon account at the very least, right? That’s what I would expect. Yet it’s becoming increasingly clear that the health care exchange websites are anything but secure.

On September 27, an internal government memo was passed through the House warning members that the website posed high security risks because of a lack of testing. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid said that, “Due to system readiness issues, the [security control assessment] was only partially completed.” This was four days before the website was supposed to launch. And, despite the fact that this memo did circulate before the launch of the site, the exchanges opened as planned, still without sufficient testing.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius—a staunch advocate for the Affordable Care Act—claimed in an interview with CNN that President Obama “didn’t know of the problems with the site until it went live.” However, both she and the president knew that the site had crashed during a pre-launch test run.

When Republican Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan accused her of putting the private information of Americans at risk by failing to properly test the security measures of, she said that she would “get back to him on whether or not any end-to-end security test of the entire site has ever occurred.” Now that’s comforting…

To see how someone could hack the exchanges if they really wanted to, read on:


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