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Why June Brides and Grown-up Grads Qualify for a Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period

Special Enrollment PeriodSummer brings many changes. Not only does the weather become more accommodating, but the season is most associated with milestones in our lives. May graduations and June weddings are not just a mainstay for greeting card companies; they can actually have a big effect on your health insurance status.

What Makes a Special Enrollment Period “Special?”

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes provisions for changing or adding insurance coverage outside of standard open enrollment periods. These Special Enrollment Periods are designed to allow you to change existing coverage or purchase new coverage when you have a qualifying life-event. Changes in marital status (marriage or divorce), adding a child to the family (birth, adoption), outgrowing your parents’ coverage (turning 26 years of age), and changing jobs or losing your employer-based coverage are just a few of the qualifying events that can qualify you to enroll between ACA open enrollment dates.

Summertime is a popular time for many of us who are moving to a new city or state. (My own family will be making an adventurous change in address this summer!)

A change in geographical residence is another reason you can qualify to change your plan, or add a plan, without waiting for November open enrollment to start.

I want to keep you informed about the options available to you if you missed 2014 ACA open enrollment, or if you don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You don’t have to play the risky game of not having adequate health insurance between enrollment periods.

Options such as affordable short-term medical plans, and low-cost accident plans are growing in popularity like never before.

I invite you to read much more about just what qualifies as a “life-event” in regards to Special Enrollment Periods. Your options are sunnier than you think!

Share your experience with ACA enrollments. Questions are always welcome!


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