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Three Ways to Reduce Your Dental Expenses

dental insuranceThink you don’t need much health care because you’re young and healthy?  What about dental care?  The CDC says collectively we make about 500 million dental appointments per  year.  In 2010, those appointments added up to about $108 billion.  To keep your dental costs to a minimum, don’t skip going to the dentist. Instead, consider these three ways to cover dental care.

Dental Insurance Differs from Dental Discount Plans

Dental insurance plans work like health insurance, and most allow you select your own dentist – but they can sometimes be a little pricey.  These plans frequently cover a portion of most common dental procedures ranging from cleanings to root canals.   You may have to have had the coverage for a specified period of time before you get it will pay for the more expensive procedures.

There are also dental discount plans that tend to be less expensive in exchange for certain restrictions.  It’s common to have to see in-network dentists to get this kind of coverage.  We can help you with dental discount and payment plans and dental insurance plans at

Health Insurance Can Help Reduce Your Dental Costs

Your third option is to pay for your dental and orthodontic expenses without insurance, but get a tax deduction for the bills.  Just run the expenses through a health savings account.   Remember to keep receipts for every allowable expense so you can maximize your tax benefits. Keep our HSA-allowed expenses link handy –

And, if you qualify for a health reimbursement arrangement, you can use it to pay for dental insurance.  You can access our free report on who can use an HRA at


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