Independence Blue Cross of Pennsylvania

Independence Blue Cross (IBC) has been serving the health insurance needs of southeastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia for over 75 years. IBC is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Independence Blue Cross of Pennsylvania offers a range of excellent and  affordable plan choices for individuals and families, small businesses and large groups, students, and Medicare supplemental products for seniors.

IBC’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans are available both on and off the state exchange with access to an extensive network of doctors, hospitals and health care providers not only in Pennsylvania but nationwide. 

Available plans

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Health Insurance Plan Options

IBC offers 13 unique HMO and PPO individual and family health insurance coverage options that all provide the ACA--qualified 10 essential benefits.  Select coverage with pediatric, dental, and vision options and prescription drug benefits (varying by plan).  Health savings account (HSA) plans are also available.

Choose from four levels of coverage: 

  • Bronze
    Bronze plans work best for those looking to keep premiums low, while not expecting to incur frequent medical charges toward the higher deductible. Lower premiums result in higher out-of-pocket costs, making these plans attractive for healthy adults or those who seek infrequent health care services. 

  • Silver
    When qualifying for ACA cost-sharing subsidies, you’re required to choose a silver plan to benefit from these discounts. Standard premium subsidies can also be applied to silver plans, which typically offer an economical balance between your monthly premiums and cost-sharing.  Silver plans are designed to work with cost-sharing subsidies under the ACA. 

  • Gold
    Gold health plans offer a high level of coverage across three plans, including Keystone HMO Gold, Personal Choice® PPO Gold, and Keystone HMO Gold Proactive (IBC’s more affordable tiered HMO network. Gold plans offer a high level of coverage while keeping cost-sharing low.  

  • Platinum
    Platinum plans work best for those who frequently use a lot of health care services. Although platinum plans have the highest monthly premium compared to the gold, silver or bronze plans, they also offer the lowest out-of-pocket cost for covered medical services.

  • Catastrophic
    Catastrophic plans work well for those who qualify for an exemption due to extreme financial hardship. Young adults under the age of 30 can select a catastrophic plan to satisfy ACA requirements. Catastrophic plans have lower monthly premiums than gold plans, but can result in higher deductibles with lower premiums. For this reason, they are a popular choice among young, healthy adults.  

  • Specialty Services
    Independence Blue Cross also offers additional products and services for your health insurance coverage such as:
    • Vision plans
    • Dental plans
    • Travel plans

Promoting Health and Wellness

Independence Blue Cross promotes health and wellness services for its  members by offering  exclusive access and discounts to programs designed to help improve and maintain overall health.

Discounts and perks include:

  • $150 cash back for tobacco cessation programs, approved weight loss programs and gym fees.
  • Get assistance from a Health Coach for health-related questions and concerns.
  • Use the WebMD® tools to keep track of your health’s progress.

How To Apply

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