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Another Way to Save on Prescription Costs

September 9, 2010
Vol. 6, Issue 9

Modern pharmaceutical drugs have helped extend lifespan and improve the quality of life for millions of people, but can also cost a whole lot of money, particularly for people who have high deductible health insurance plans, or a plan that does not cover outpatient prescription drugs.  This month I am excited to announce another new benefit we have been able to negotiate for our members and readers – access to a safe source of low-cost internationally-sourced prescription drugs.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Wants Your Money

We are currently undergoing massive change in how health care is paid for and delivered in this country, a change that will become more apparent to everybody very soon.  New health insurance plans become available on September 23, which have greater government-mandated benefits, along with higher premiums; there are calls by President Obama for new value-added taxes; and there is a looming shortage of primary care physicians.

Among all the players in the health care field - the hospitals, the insurance companies, the politicians, and the consumers – the group that seems to move with the most skill is the pharmaceutical industry.  In addition to securing a new massive prescription drug entitlement program under the presidency of George W. Bush, they have managed to protect themselves from international competition.

Thus, drugs can often be purchased in other countries much less expensively than here in the U.S.  But under current law the government cannot negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies; nor can pharmacies import drugs from international sources.

The Power of the Individual Consumer

Fortunately, U.S. law does allow consumers to import prescription drugs for personal use.  As long as you have a doctor’s prescription, FDA rules allow you to import a 90 day supply.  If you order from a reputable company, you are getting medications packaged and sealed from government-inspected factories, so they are the exact same medications you would be getting from your local pharmacy.

After a lot of searching we have found a consultant, Martin Portnoy, to partner with to help our clients safely access prescription drugs from low-cost overseas sources.  Through contacts with numerous international pharmacies from several different countries, Marty is able to research options and find the best prices, depending on the particular drug you take.

Save 50% or More

Most of our customers use mail-order for long-term prescription medications, sometimes through their health insurance plan.   But the savings can be even greater by using this international mail order service.  George, a self employed CPA and financial planner, is now saving $1109.44 this year by using this service for his Lipitor 20 mg.  His plan’s mail order service priced the medication at $427.36 for a three month supply.  His price now is only $150.00.

Carole, a small business marketing consultant, is saving $1280 every three months for her cancer medication.  The drug she had been taking had uncomfortable side effects so the doctor recommended she change to a new drug known as Fareston.  After successfully using some samples, she went to her health plan’s mail order service and discovered that even with their discount this medication would cost her $1497.00 for a three month supply.  She used our service and is now paying only $220.00 for a three month supply from Italy, for the same exact drug.

To see if this service will save you money, simply go to our Overseas Rx Quote Request form, fill in what prescriptions you are taking, and Marty will individually research available prices and let you know the cost for a 90 day supply.  If you decide to place an order, he’ll handle the process and let you know when your drugs will arrive.

Take Greater Control of Your Health and Your Finances

It is my belief that most people can avoid most long-term medications by staying fit and healthy.  Larimer County, Colorado, where I live, was recently declared the leanest metropolitan area in the country.  But whether you are surrounded by fitness enthusiasts or couch potatoes, you have greater control of your destiny that you may realize.  Much of that is based on your own lifestyle choices and the development of healthy eating and exercise habits.

Wiley III and Wiley IV, Peachfork Winery, Grand Junction, CO

Our mission is to help you keep more of your money in your own pocket, and out of the pockets of the insurance companies, the medical industry and the government.  If you do need prescription drugs or other medical services, as always I recommend that you be an active and involved consumer, and search out the option that provides the best value for you.


To your health and wealth!

Wiley Long
President - HSA for America

P.S. – As you probably know, we are now offering a series of free webinars to help our clients manage their own financial futures.  You can find out more about it at HSA for America’s web page at


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