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December 1, 2012
Vol. 8, Issue 12 


I want to start by wishing you very happy holidays.  At our house, this is just about our favorite time of the year. For a lot of people, it can be one of the most expensive times of the year, too, so I also want to share a few tips that may help you save a little to start the New Year off right.

End the Year with Some Unexpected Savings

As you probably know, health insurance rates usually go up January 1. If you’d had your HSA-qualified plan for most of this year, you may be facing a rate increase.  That’s why December is the month I most like to review my coverage - an HSA plan, of course.  If you change health insurance this month, you can usually lock in present rates for another whole year because insurers apply rate increases to new customers last.

While your health is good, it’s quite simple to switch your coverage in order to get a lower premium.  And, if you chose an HSA administrator that is separate from the insurer you selected for your HSA-qualified plan, you don’t need to move your HSA to get a policy from a different company.  You can just tell your own Personal Benefits Manager at HSA for America that you’d like our annual comprehensive policy review.

We offer that to you each and every year.  Your Personal Benefits Manager can check for new plans that have become available since you got your current plan, and compare them to your present rates and benefits.  If it might make sense for you to change, your Personal Benefits Manager will let you know and, of course, there’s no charge for this service.

It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for being one of our valued clients.  Just be sure to contact your Personal Benefits Manager soon, so you’ll have time to act before you get too busy with the holidays.  Who knows, but you may even save enough on premiums next year to pay for your holiday shopping.

Dec. 31 Deadline on Savings for Business Owners

If you’re self-employed and your spouse works for the business, you have the opportunity to use a health reimbursement arrangement or an HRA.  These plans also work for C-corps and S-corps.

The beauty of HRAs is that they allow self-employed individuals to reimburse medical expenses, including health insurance premiums, right from the business as a tax-free fringe benefit.  To take advantage of this for 2012, the deadline is Dec. 31 to set up an HRA.  If you’d like to learn more about HRAs and you’re self-employed, visit to read about Section 105 HRA Plans for the Self-employed.

If you are a small business owner with employees, you can reimburse your staff for individual health insurance premiums, which typically costs less than half of what group coverage does. You can find out more about that at www.HS - 105 HRA Plans for Small Business Owners.If you have questions, just contact your Personal Benefits Manager, or call our main office at 800-913-0172. And, again, wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


To your health and wealth!

President - HSA for America


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