Non-Qualified HSA Expenses List

 - Advance payment for services to be rendered next year
 - Athletic club membership
 - Automobile insurance premium allocable to medical coverage
 - Boarding school fees
 - Bottled water
 - Commuting expenses of a disabled person
 - Cosmetic surgery and procedures 
 - Cosmetics, hygiene products and similar items
 - Diaper service 
 - Domestic help
 - Health programs offered by resort hotels, health clubs, and gyms 
 - Illegal operations and treatments  
 - Illegally procured drugs  
 - Maternity clothes 
 - Premums for health insurance, other than COBRAs 
 - Scientology counseling  
 - Social activities  
 - Special foods or beverages
 - Specially designed car for the handicapped other than an autoette or special equipment  
 - Swimming pool  
 - Travel for general health improvement
 - Tuition and travel expenses for a problem child to a particular school 
 - Weight loss programs (subject to change under new IRS guidelines) 

See a list of Qualifying HSA Expenses

Note on compliance with your health plan:
This site describes basic information on services and benefits of the many HSA Accounts available.  It is not intended to provide legal, health, or tax advice.  Consult your own legal, medical, and tax counsel for guidance on issues that may be affected by your specific circumstances.  Please note that if you intend to use the HSA Account to pay your deductible or other services covered under your health care plan, we strongly recommend that you always comply with the conditions of your plan, including your pre-certification requirement.

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