Surviving Health Care Reform

What Will Happen To Your Existing Plan?

Unless you are planning to keep your existing plan (either grandfathered plans in force since March 2010, or plans your carrier will extend through next year), you are required to enroll in an ACA-qualified health insurance plan. These plans must include the 10 Essential Benefits and preventive care as outlined by the new law.

When to Keep Your Plan; Choose a New Plan

Choosing a new plan can seem overwhelming and confusing.  If you want to keep your existing health plan, there are some things you need to consider.

A grandfathered plan is yours to keep for the future if your insurance company plans to continue the coverage.  However, a grandfathered plan may not include some benefits of ACA plans.  If you have a pre-existing condition, or want 100% coverage for preventive services, you may want to switch to a new plan—higher premiums and all.

Lower Premiums vs.  Extra Benefits

Grandfathered plans typically have much lower premiums than ACA plans, so you may decide to forgo the guaranteed acceptance of pre-existing conditions under the new law to keep your current plan indefinitely.  Keep in mind that grandfathered plans are not eligible to receive health tax-credits (premium subsidies).

Unfortunately, not all carriers will be allowing their policyholders to keep their grandfathered plans.  If you’re not sure of your situation, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

How to Save Health Care Dollars

Before you allow your insurance company to switch your coverage to a “similar” ACA plan, or shop solely on your state exchange, you should consult with us to make sure you’re getting the most coverage while saving the most money.  

There are also ACA health plans that qualify to be combined with a health savings account (HSA).  Enrolling in an HSA-qualified plan, and contributing as much as you can to your HSA, can better prepare you for unexpected medical costs.  A tax-favored HSA can—

  • lower your taxable income
  • reduce your income taxes
  • improve your eligibility for health tax credits
  • roll over annually to build funds
  • apply tax-free to your retirement after 65
  • pay medical bills with tax-free withdrawals

A licensed Personal Benefits Manager can help you make an educated decision about the pros and cons of keeping your existing plan or switching to a new policy. HSA for America can also show you health plans that are not combined with an HSA plan.

Are New Plans Only Available on the Exchange?

Each state has an insurance marketplace called an “exchange.” Some states are running their own exchanges; some are allowing the federal government to run them. In either case, exchanges across 50 states sell four ACA- qualified health plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze). 

The exchanges are staffed by “navigators” to process your applications, but their training is minimal (about 20 hours) and they don’t need to have insurance backgrounds (or extensive background checks).

You are not required to shop on the exchange. Even if you think you may qualify for a tax-credit, it’s best to work with a seasoned, insurance Personal Benefits Manager to find the best coverage, complete your tax-credit application, and explore all options, including plans not found on the exchange. 

HSA for America has done the homework to make your insurance options simple and easy-to-understand. We can show you money-saving strategies and the lowest rates available, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Benefit From Our Experience.

HSA for America brings 25 years of insurance expertise to its team of Personal Benefits Managers.  Our only goal is to help you find the maximum coverage while keeping more of your money.  We make the complicated simpler by guiding you in a clear and simple way.  Our services are always free, and your HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager is with you from start to finish—from reviewing your options, to applying for a subsidy, to enrollment and starting your tax-favored savings account.

Which Plan Should I Choose? What Will it Cost? Do I Qualify for a Tax-Credit?

Our mission is to help you choose the very best coverage available and save money every year.  Obamacare offers insurance coverage for everyone, but protecting your financial health at the same time is where we can help.  Our expert guidance is always free to you.

Your HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager is ready to help you compare all coverage options and carriers to find the plan that works best for you.  Call to speak with your individual Personal Benefits Manager at (800) 913-0172, with questions about your specific health plan, future health plan needs, and any questions you have about health care reform’s affect on you and your family.  We welcome your emails at and your questions on Facebook.  We answer them all!

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