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I started in the health insurance business back in 1986, working directly with individuals and small businesses all over the state of Georgia.  Over the next 11 years I built an agency from the ground up that eventually produced over $10,000,000 in business per year.  During that time I personally met one-on-one with several thousand individuals and small business owners concerning their health insurance needs.

In 2000 my wife Christie and I took a year off to travel around the world.  The entire trip is documented on our website, www.LongsStrangeTrip2000.com.  After 13 months, we finally left Bali and headed back to the "real" world.

When we returned from Bali, we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to both go back to school.  Christie became a veterinarian and I completed my master's in Nutrition and Exercise Science.  In January of 2004 HSAs first became available, and HSA for America was born.  In addition to running the company, I am the author of the monthly newsletter Maximize Your HSA, I have written for Agents Sales Journal, and I have been featured in American Airlines Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, the LA Times, and numerous other publications.

The introduction of Health Savings Accounts created a tremendous opportunity for individuals and businesses to lower the cost of their health care, receive a generous tax-break, and save money for future medical expenses.  By introducing market competition into the medical marketplace, HSAs are beginning to force doctors and hospitals to post their prices and actually compete for their customers' business.  As anyone with a basic understanding of economics can tell you, competition leads to lower prices and higher quality for all.

Too often government programs encourage dependence and discourage personal responsibility.  Health savings accounts reward people for saving for their future, and further reward them for taking care of their health.  The person that puts aside money in their HSA and then doesn't use it will be rewarded with tax deductions and tax-deferred growth and a savings account that can be used to pay medical expenses during retirement.  I am a big believer that individuals should take greater responsibility for their future, instead of relying on the government "nanny" to take care of them.

I believe that HSAs are the best thing to happen to healthcare in a long time.  They save people money, they encourage responsible behavior, and they force the medical providers to compete for our business.  I started HSA for America to make it easy for people to learn about and set up these plans.  Our mission is to find our clients the best plans that meet their needs, at the lowest premiums available, and to make the process easy.  By helping you save money and have peace of mind, we expect to continue to earn your business for life.

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